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Mission Trip to Mozambique

August 19, 2006

Last week a group of men from our church went to the town of Salani in Mozambique to do some ministry and help build a clinic.

I can add Mozambique to the list of forsaken places I have visited that begin with the letter M.

The dump in Manila was the worst.  Thousands of people live on the dump.  There is even a Baptist church there.  It took me two days to wash off the smell of that place.  Little 2-3 year old children playing with broken glass in an open sewer is a particularly poignant memory.

Mozambique comes in a close second.  Salani is about a six hour drive from here and there is no electricity, no water, no sewage system, no health care, no postal service, nothing.  People live there in the bush just as they have for the last thousand years.  A few weeks ago a leopard took down a guy who was riding a bicycle on the “road” through “town”. Click Here for pictures of our trip (link long out of service, sorry).

Moldova in Eastern Europe comes in third.  See below for details on my trip to Moldova.

In case you are interested, there is no missionary or native pastor of any kind in the area of Mozambique we went to.  If you are in the medical field and would like to make a difference, or if you are thinking about where God could use you as a missionary, then you might want to pray about the Salani area of Mozambique.

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  1. Gene Greeson permalink
    April 6, 2009 5:00 am

    My wife and I visited the village of Salani, Mozambique for 10 days at a time in 2003 and 2004 and we loved spending time with the people there. We spent about half our time walking through the fields in search of folks to share the gospel with and invite to our evening meetings, where we showed them the film, JESUS, in their language. When we arrived late one night in 2004, after having been there the year before, I stepped on the ground and thought to myself, “We’re home.” We love those people and regardless as to the living conditions, it is such a blessing to have an opportunityt o minister to them.

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