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Can You Handle Ministry?

December 14, 2007

In ministry, chances are that you . . .

will labor in obscurity for decades,
will be falsely accused,
will be unappreciated,
will be underpaid,
won’t have a big ministry,
won’t produce any profound or lasting works,
will die on the verge of poverty,
be mourned only by your immediate family and a few close friends,
be forgotten within two generations of your death,
and your only reward will be like that of Mr. Valiant-For-Truth in Pilgrim’s Progress, you will carry your marks and scars on into eternity to be a witness that you have fought His battle, and He will be your Rewarder.

Will this be failure for you?

If you can’t handle this then quit seminary, or the pastorate, now – and support a man who is called.

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