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Excellent New Book on Preaching

January 4, 2008

A good friend of mine, Mike Abendroth (yes, THE Mike Abendroth) just wrote a book on preaching.  Due out in the US in February, the title is; “Jesus Christ: The Preacher of Preachers. Learning from the Principles and Methods of Jesus.”

Undoubtedly it will be an excellent book.  It will change your life, whiten your teeth, clear up your skin, make you a more popular and better person, but, it will not help you to preach like Joel Osteen.  Hopefully you don’t want to preach like Joel Osteen.

But, if you trust men like Dr. John MacArthur (he wrote the forward), and Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Dr. Donald Whitney, Dr. Ben Awbrey, James White (they all endorse it) then I am sure you will appreciate Mike’s book and find it useful.

More endorsements for the book are coming from Dr. Al Mohler, Martin Holt, Eric Alexander, Stuart Olyott and Mark Dever.

Yes, I know someone who knows those people, or at least he has met those people, or at least he has heard of those people, which does make me a better person.

The Book is being published by Day One in the US and UK.  The ISBN number is 978-1-84625-108-5.  Certainly it will shoot up to #1 at Amazon within the first week it is available.

Just so you know that this is for real, that I do actually have at least one friend and that he really has written a book, you can visit Mike’s church at

Through some strange set of circumstances the book is not yet available on Amazon.  An oversight for which someone will lose their job, I am sure.  But, no matter, come February you can visit your local religious trinket store – uh, that is, I mean, Christian book store – and pick up one of the hundreds of copies they will have.  Or at least you can order it.

I am looking forward to receiving from Mike himself a limited, leather bound, first printing, first edition, personally inscribed to me – for free.

After you all have read the book a few times we can start an internet discussion group, perhaps even Mike himself will comment once in a while.  No doubt, like me, you are already looking forward to the sequel.

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