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Feb update on the Plodinec Fam

February 6, 2008

This update was written by my wife, Karen Plodinec in South Africa

As I write this I am sitting outside in a hospital courtyard waiting for Timothy to come out of emergency surgery.  It is Friday, February 5th, about 2:00 in the afternoon.  This is the end of a very trying week, but knowing, and believing, that God is faithful and sovereign and that even this week is His plan for us, that has made all the difference.
On Monday morning it began – we were finally getting a borehole (a well).  City water is very expensive, its quality and purity is getting worse and it isn’t always dependable.  We watch how much we use and last year the water ran out, for the whole town, for two weeks.  Fortunately a friend of ours has a well and Steve was able to fill up some water cans every day for us to use.  So, we need a well, and we live in a part of town where everyone within 10 blocks of us hits water between 25-30 meters.  Our neighbor has a well just 5 meters from ours and he hit water at 30 meters.  At 7 meters, we hit rock.  The gray dust from the rock started to cover the yard and seep through the cracks in windows and doors.  We hit rock at about 8:00am and all day Monday it continued, nothing but rock.  Tuesday around noon we had to stop drilling at 100 meters due to finances (we had planned and saved for a 45 meter well).  Tuesday at 12:00 noon and still no water – only rock.  Now we have one DEEP hole in our yard, no water in the well, and a HUGE mess to clean up both inside and out.  We will probably lose what little grass we do have and some of the plants as well.
Tuesday at lunch the kids and I were talking about the dry well.  Stephen said we should celebrate – I agreed.  God is sovereign and He knew all about this.  Kimberly said we were biblical – our house is built on the rock.  My desire was to “blow off” the rest of the day and spend money we don’t have and get fast food for lunch, even for dinner.  Instead, we did what we should – stick to the budget, make sandwiches, and get on with the major job of cleaning up.  We talked about God’s goodness – food to eat, a roof over our head, clothes to wear, enough water for today, etc.
On Wednesday morning some of the kids and I were heading out on errands and my car window broke – it slid down in the door.  We have a 15 year old mini van and it is starting to show its age.  The passenger side window had done the same thing a few weeks ago and Steve had got it up and taken the handle off so we wouldn’t roll it down, as it will also fall into the door, an interesting feature of 15 year old mini vans.  We headed back home because you never leave a car parked in Africa with the window down, everything would be stolen, and on the way home the passenger side window fell down AGAIN as we pulled into the driveway!
Then, Wednesday afternoon we received the confirmation for our plane tickets to Israel.  God is SO gracious and He provided for all of us to go to the GMI missionaries conference in Israel in June.  The problem was – they had Luke going on the correct flight, and the seven of us going on a different one!  The bottom line is – Swiss Air would charge us about $200 a ticket to change to the correct flight.  Steve decided to switch me to Luke’s flight.  So, we all fly from Johannesburg to Zurich together; three hours later Luke and I continue on to Tel Aviv.  The rest of the family will have a 16 hour layover and arrive in Tel Aviv at 3:30 a.m. the day the conference begins.
Wednesday afternoon we had a major blessing – we found out that God was providing some funds to take care of the oral surgery Stephen needs.  We didn’t know then that we would need some of the funds for other things.
Wednesday night Steve and I were talking about how thankful we were for good health, a roof over our heads and food to eat.
Thursday morning my mom called from the States to tell us that our credit card company called and we needed to call them because of potential fraudulent charges – it turned out to be nothing.
Thursday evening we had some students over for dinner and to watch a soccer match – even though we didn’t feel like it with the week we were having.  With God’s help, we just kept plugging along, and a good time was had by all.
This brings me up to today (Friday).  Everything started out as normal – up with Luke at 6:00, breakfast with Michael at 7:00, etc., when at about 7:45 we heard a big crash and Timothy started calling for help.  I didn’t think too much about it; I thought he dropped something on the floor and it shattered.  He started calling calmly for me, so I handed Luke to Kimberly and walked toward his bedroom.  As I reached the hall, I saw a lot of blood on the floor trailing from his room to the bathroom.  Timothy was fairly calmly asking for help and a towel.
Timothy had been trying to scare a cat outside his bedroom window – he “tapped” the window, and it shattered.  The result was two very bloody hands and forearms.  Blood was flowing everywhere.  He wrapped a towel around his wrist and applied pressure while I drove to the hospital.  When we got there they wrapped both hands and arms up, and we waited for the doctor.  After a LONG time the doctor still had not come and Timothy said he could not feel his right pinky.  The nurse said the doctor was hung up and sent us to a doctor’s office.  The doctor realized Timothy’s tendon was cut on his pinky and he needed surgery – so back to the hospital we went.  The doctor called a surgeon and he met us at the hospital.
At the hospital God graciously put a good friend in our path.  She is a nutritionist and sees patients at the hospital.  She stuck with me for a good portion of this morning – helping expedite things, getting me something to eat, praying with me – God is so good!
Timothy should be out of surgery soon – the doctor said he should make a full recovery – praise God!
We have had a lot of teaching times with the kids this week – what a great God we have!  I am so thankful that I have kids that trust in Him as well.  Timothy’s emotional state is fine, Kimberly is “holding down the fort” at home.  When I called her a few minutes ago Luke was asleep and she was having Bible time outside with Catherine and Michael.
I’m so thankful for His provision, protection, and perfect timing.
Many Christians (especially in Africa) would say we are not in God’s will because of these trials.  They would say He isn’t blessing us this week.  In fact, many Africans would say that when these kinds of things happen a person is being cursed by God.  But, we KNOW, however, that blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  We are thankful to be serving, and to be blessed, right here.
Please continue to pray for His protection and provision for us!
Because of His GREAT love,

P.S. added by Steve

Timothy was released from the hospital about 9:00 p.m.  He should have a FULL recovery in about six weeks, and he didn’t have to spend the night in the hospital – thank you Lord.  When Karen and Timothy were on the way home from the hospital on Friday night, the mini van had electrical problems and now the fan and headlights don’t work.

It is now a few days later and nothing else has happened, except Catherine now has tonsillitis and Karen has the stomach flu.

Karen & Steve Plodinec

Acts 20:32

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  1. Debbie in CA : ) permalink
    February 6, 2008 8:43 pm

    Prayers uttered often in your behalf around here. May God continue to keep you in His precious care as you endure. Hugs to all — please distribute liberally! Can’t wait to see you when you’re back in the States. We’ll have the BBQ fired up and fresh sheets in the guest house. Come one, come all! : )

  2. sprocket23 permalink
    February 9, 2008 5:38 am

    I don’t know y’all other than through the blogworld, but I admire and respect your whole family so much. Sounds like a lot of aggravations all at once, the kinds of things and timings that can really try your patience. I’ll be praying for you all and hoping that things will quiet down as you serve the Lord there in Africa. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! -The Inspid Garbageman

  3. Ryan Hill permalink
    April 24, 2008 3:56 pm

    Hey Steve,

    How about a new post… its been a while!

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