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What Does Not Save

December 3, 2008

Just to make it clear . . .

Christianity does not save.
Grace does not save.
Election/Predestination does not save.
Being called by God does not save.
Being regenerated by God does not save.
Being illuminated by God does not save.
Being convicted of sin does not save.
Your faith does not save.
Your repentance does not save.

Christ saves.

All of these are necessary parts of the means of salvation – required parts of the way God makes salvation a reality in a persons life. This is the only way God gets salvation to a person.

Grace is part of God’s motivation and means of saving a person.
Election/predestination is a prerequisite to faith, it counteracts total depravity and ensures salvation is God’s work from beginning to end.
Being called by God begins the application of salvation.
Being regenerated by God enables a person to understand the gospel.
God illuminating a person’s mind to the truth of the gospel is the beginning of salvation being worked in a person. It is realization and understanding of the gospel.
Conviction of sin is the result of illumination. It is realization and agreement with the gospel.
Faith is the conduit through which all the blessings of God come to a person. It is the first mental decision of a person who has received grace and has been elected, called, illuminated, and convicted by God. It is also a gift and it is acceptance of the gospel and trust in God.
Repentance is the first outward action taken by a person with true faith and will accompany faith.

But, none of these pay for a person’s sin. Only the atonement – the death of Jesus Christ – pays for a person’s sin. The atonement includes our sinfulness imputed to Christ, the Father’s wrath outpoured and suffered by Christ, expiation, propitiation and redemption. If your debt of sin is not paid for you will not be allowed into heaven.

All these are required for righteousness to be imputed to us, for forgiveness, justification, reconciliation, deliverance, receiving the Holy Spirit, union with Christ, adoption, peace with God, sanctification, perseverance, preservation and for glorification. These are the effects of salvation for us.

But, none of these means of salvation, nor effects of salvation, died for you. None of these paid your debt of sin. None of these rose from the grave. None of these intercede for you at the throne of God. The death of Jesus Christ pays the debt for sinners. Jesus saves. Nothing else.

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  1. December 3, 2008 5:39 pm

    why did the death of Jesus pay for anyones sins? How is that possible? What did that achieve? Jesus died for sins, which then, for the next 2000 years, because of the death of Jesus, sparked Religious warfare across the World. The crusades, the protestant reformations, the holy wars everywhere. What did the death of Jesus achieve other than a bunch of nutcase followers filled with hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with them?
    Jesus made sin much worse.

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