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Remembering Birthdays Past

March 3, 2012

Life is definitely an adventure.  I’m so thankful that I can rest in the loving hands of a sovereign God.

My first birthday in South Africa was six years ago today; I was turning 40. We had only been here a few weeks; we were living at the Beakley’s house while they were in the States. Most of our possessions were in boxes stacked against a wall, which we had packed in CT 9 months previously. It was a Friday and Steve taught classes that day at the seminary. We didn’t yet know people well and didn’t even know where to go for dinner. Most people here didn’t know it was my birthday.

The students were coming over at 7 pm for “House of Wonders” – a time of popcorn, fellowship, movies, etc. that the Beakleys host every Friday night when classes are in session and that we gladly continued while living in their home. We ended up going through the drive thru at McDonald’s, hurrying home, and making popcorn, etc.

Steve had mentioned to the students in class that it was my birthday. I will never forget that night – groups of students started arriving; then, they presented me with flowers and sang “Happy Birthday” to me in a few different languages.

Two years ago we were on furlough in the States, staying in San Jose, CA. Steve was traveling to L.A. for the Shepherds Conference and Kimberly and I decided to go along and help. Since I didn’t have the proper attire I ended up helping in the kitchen alongside Karen Hendrickson and some other wonderful ladies. We had a blast! The amazing Lauren Brown surprised me with a birthday cake to share with the other volunteers.

Another memorable birthday was seven years ago in L.A. at the Shepherds Conference. Steve was pastoring a church in CT and all of the sudden it looked like we might be moving to South Africa. It turned out to be imperative for Steve to attend the conference that year and God amazingly provided for me to go as well, actually arriving in California Before Steve. On That birthday Steve was out to dinner with a bunch of men, deciding if/when/how we would be moving to South Africa. I had planned on hanging around GCC since I didn’t have a car, and ended up eating dinner in the staff dining room that night.

It’s seven years later, and today is another birthday. Today is another day of uncertainty and possible changes. We seem to be at another crossroads. Only God knows where we will be for my next birthday, but His plans are always the Best ones. So thankful for this journey He has me on, and all the blessings along the way.

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