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Eight Bells and Jeremiah Burroughs

March 15, 2012

A few days ago I wrote about the Christian life and the picture by Winslow Homer titled Eight Bells.

There is a great quote by Jeremiah Burroughs (c. 1600-1646) in his excellent book The Rare Jewell of Christian Contentment that states the Godly perspective of being a sailor on a rough sea who is heading home on a tempestuous  journey, of being a child of God making your way in this world. Jeremiah Burroughs says this;

“Now if a sailor has skill he does not say, ‘If it were any other wind but this, if the wind blew in any direction but this, I could manage my ship, I could show skill in other directions but not in this.’ Would not sailors laugh at such a one? It would be a shame for him to say that he has skill in any other direction but this. So it should be a shame for a Christian to say that he has skill in any other affliction but this. A Christian should be able to manage his ship, if the wind blows any way; to guide his soul any way.”

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