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Grey Black Grey White Grey

May 22, 2014

On our journey through this world our mental and emotional conditions and experiences are wildly varied. What is wildly varied is often frightening because it is not neat and simple and so it is mysterious and unknown and that is terrifying. People prefer to forget how many options are open to them in a widely varied world. Simplicity is of great value and there is comfort in knowing there are just two worlds and two ways. People don’t want grey areas. Being black and white gives the illusion of comfort because it gives the illusion of being simple and clear and understandable and controllable. This, in turn, provides a person with the illusion of protection. A wealth of possibilities and uncertainty about the path ahead breeds dread.
Those who clarify the world for others, who divide life into two ways, black and white, good and bad, are praised as prophets and great teachers and lovers of humanity. They save people from confusion and hard choices. They offer a single choice, a right choice, a wise choice, a best choice and this choice is easy to make because any other choice is presented as wrong and evil and leading to a wretched life. To walk on the path of black and white is difficult and full of daily failure and is ultimately impossible, but the choice to do it is easy and always presented as the right choice. The black and white path is celebrated as simple and praised as right. Most believe they are helped by the black and white path.
Those who speak of our complicated existence and our many possibilities resonate with few and are a help to even fewer. But, truth is rarely simple. Truth is infinite and to say it is simple and to present it as simple is to limit it and deny its nature. And, wisdom is difficult. Wisdom must be sought and fought for and defended once it is found and then held on to every day. Wisdom does not come easy and often does not come at all. Not all simplicity is wise, nor true. Simplicity and the black and white path can be very wrong, very untrue.

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