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About The Plodinecs

Greetings from Steve, Karen and the kids!

From 1996 to 2006 Steve was the senior pastor at Newtown Bible Church in Newtown, CT.  From 2006-2012, Steve was a missionary pastor, seminary professor and administrative dean at Christ Baptist Church and Christ Seminary in Polokwane, South Africa.  Steve is now a part of a wonderful church family, Christ Bible Fellowship in Owasso, OK, where he serves as shephered to the flock.

Plodblog had been Steve’s personal theology blog since July 2006, but as of January 2010 it’s the family blog.  Steve still writes theology articles and posts family and ministry updates.  Karen is his loving wife and hard-working mother of Stephen, Timothy, Kimberly, Catherine, Michael, and Luke.  She posts family and ministry updates.

Contact / Social Media

Facebook – search for Steve or Karen Plodinec and for Christ Bible Fellowship

Twitter – @StevePlodinec

Skype – plodinec7

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